Thursday, 15 March 2012

He's A New Pleasure

One day, i have ever wrote about my boyfriend pleasure..

YUP! The one thing that my boyfriend loves to talk about non-stop is motorcycle.
the brand, technology, the oil, the exhaust (knalpot), stuff like that,

Now, he is very interesting about Gadget especially Handphone

if he loves to talk about motor the brand is YAMAHA.
but if he talk about handphone, it must be NOKIA

ya.. he love nokia very much (but never better than love me) :D

He always share to me that he is very happy with his N8.
with the best camera, and new operating system = Symbian Carla
He can do anything!

The Girls are unique, and The Boys TOO

As you know, every smartphone has each operating system.
For example :
Nokia with Symbian and Windows Phone,
Apple with IoS
Samsung with Android
Blackberry with Blackberry OS

Lately, kiko is very exciting to tell me about his new Operating System in his N8.
the new is Symbian Carla

one day, in beautifull afternoon
he said to me : 
"you know my ARA?"..

With Symbian Carla..
N8's camera can go up to 14 Mega Pixels.. its great right???

Symbian Carla is very attractive.
 Like You, attractive and cheerfull :D

and then i just replied with my perfect smile ;)

although sometimes my mind is rarely 100% on him when he's talking about these, I am really happy to learn & appreciate better his pleasure...:)

So yeah, I learned little about Nokia from him,,

Thanks ya kiko

I do 100 % appreciate

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