Tuesday, 29 November 2011


saat-saat sepi..
Terasa sekali tanpamu disini..
You know dear..

I feel invisible, do you feel the same..?
Mr. Innocent, your ignorance is killing me..

When you've got mad at me,
I didnt know what am i suppose to do..
all of the things that i want to say is not turning coming out right,

I Expect something romantic and chessy...
do you feel Me?

I feel like the was the only girl that you adore and give me a cute necklace... ''A''
Love you my best..

You know dear..
now, i'm waiting for your call..

Dear, where are you? wish you were here..
Need your ears to listen me,,
Need your words to give me strenght to fight my strange day...

Sometimes, i feel so alone..

But it was just sometimes...

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