Friday, 22 June 2012

Happy Birthday 485th Jakarta

Hey Zekardah...

You are so old..
getting older and older..

Happy 485th Jakarta,
Our Beautifull City..

Be the second of best city for me after Mempawah

remains the pride of all the people who write your name in their address: D

You're getting older,
though sometimes  because of traffic jams and too crowded,

i had so many story about little sweet things about characters of you :

monas :

memorial monument at 132 meters (433 feet) which was established in memory of resistance and struggle of Indonesian People for independence from colonial. Monumen Nasional .. Yeay!! 

ondel-ondel :

One of the unique art that is still easy once enjoyed. For me go around Tip-Top Rawamangun in the evening
Even though I was afraid sometimes
because her face is so red ..

Jakarta Fair :

It is the largest exhibition in Southeast Asia. There are many things that you can enjoy here. Motorcycle booth, apparel, snacks, cosmetic, etc.. And you know? You also can enjoy the live music concert from your favourite  band or singer .

Although up to i was posted this article I have not been there yet.
I will go there!!
Just For Your Info:
Admission For Monday-Friday Rp. 20.000
and Saturday-Sunday Rp. 25.000
so you guys.. don't miss it !!


mall-mall megah :

YUP! SO many magnificent and exclusive Mall in Jakarta.
Ex :  Pacific Place, Senayan City, Pondok Indah Mall, FX, Kelapa Gading Mall .. etc.
You can go to theatre, play ice skating, romantic dinner, and so many happiness you can share with your family and your love.
pict :: @pacificplace

Actually, there are many more unique things of Jakarta.

Jakarta, you're cool!!
and Mempawah is more cool than you.. (exactly, cause Mempawah is my Hometown) ..

Oh ya, Jakarta..
Almost 4 years, i'm on your side
Thanks for everythings you gave me to me yaa...
happy and Sad.. makes me learn how about life

You are not the imagination of the city
You are a reality

you taught me that life need to fight and sacrifice
beacuse life full of competition

Jakarta, You give me a choice
to care or not
good or bad

ya... you taught me many things with your silent
I hope more and more of your sweet surprise for me
and, Please be nice town ever after ya Jakarta ..

Love me,
Love Jakarta
With Love Faradila Nov

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