Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Jakarta Fair, i'm in love (again)

here, I just wanted to share my story
yesterday,, i went to Jakarta Fair with my lovely kiko..

Yup! Jakarta Fair ...
jakarta fair is an event or a regular annual event held in the capital, Jakarta. PRJ 2011 will take place from June 9 s / d July 10, 2011
This is a complete event, termeriah, the largest and longest in Indonesia.

Event is also called the Pekan Raya Jakarta (PRJ) is a series of welcoming unniversary or DKI Jakarta Birthday to - 484. Organizers of this event is commanded pack Jakarta Provincial Governor Fauzy Bowo (Foke).

in there,,
i was really fun
i was accompany kiko to see his favourite booth...
yeah!! its all about Motorcycle... especially YAMAHA.. (kiko adore yamaha so much)

after that..
we were go to handphone's booth.
Hm... actually the booth is good but for me..is not good enough..
cz honestly.... I've seen similar places is greater than previously
I & he circled around the phone booth
yay! he was looking for N8 softcase... hm...he is a Nokiaholic,,

in there..
we enjoyed,
we ate burger,
we laughed,
we were amazed cz this place so amazing

and i SWEAR.. i'm really FUN to go to this place with him

he was very excited, and me too

oh...ya, the last booth...we were visit is from PEMPROV
yaaa... i& he saw the MRT = Mass Rapid Transit a.k.a Angkutan Massal Cepat
this is a big project and maybe will be in at 2016..
*hope i can enjoy this facility with kiko* AMIN

very tired,, and very HAPPY exactly...

and i just wanna say JAKARTA FAIR, I'm in love (again)
eventhough, flooding sometimes...traffic jam.. and very crowded..
BUT Jakarta still offfers a good place...
and the one of the place is Jakarta Fair


happy birthday 484!
Jayakarta, semakin Jaya..
or whatever anyone calls you
happy belated birthday zekarda (June, 22nd, 2011)

May has always been a city full of memories after Mempawah for me..^^

and.. the most importantly...thx so much for my precious,,
thx for amazing day..

and fall in love (again) with my KIKO...
i'm fall in love (again) with jakarta

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